Welcome! If you’ve been sent to this page, it’s because I’ve decided to ban you from commenting at harm·less drudg·ery for trolling, abuse, or any other affronts to common sense and courtesy. Commenting at harm·less drudg·ery is like being at a cocktail party: the conversation naturally ebbs and flows, and various ideas and opinions are shared in a spirit of camaraderie and lightheartedness. People of all backgrounds and opinions get along because that is the polite thing to do. If one encounters disagreement, one takes it in stride and does not firebomb the building. Likewise, one does not complain endlessly and loudly about the host or the choice of crudites on offer; instead, one leaves.

Before you go, however, we’d like you to fill out this simple exit survey. Your comments will be forwarded to management and definitely not posted on the Internet anywhere, nooooo sir.


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