Alphabet Soup: TESOL and WMD Edition

Howdy from the international TESOL convention in Dallas, TX, where I am womanning the Merriam-Webster booth, giving a lecture about adverbs, and eating hamburgers as big as my head while the waiter and I discuss mohawk care. If you’re attending TESOL, come by the M-W booth and attempt to engage me in conversation!


For those of you who aren’t at TESOL this year, you may want to head over to the Guardian and read the story I’ve written for them on the words of the Iraq war. It is shorter and more informative than the usual drivel that appears here!


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15 responses to “Alphabet Soup: TESOL and WMD Edition

  1. Excellent piece. Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. I come here for meandering verbosity, thank you very much.

  3. marc leavitt

    I have to admit to my ignorance. I had to look up TESOL on Google. You’ve fallen under the spell of the familiarity sydrome.

  4. marc leavitt

    I forgot to mention; the Guardian article was excellent.

  5. Womanning is the best new word I’ve heard this year! Now if only we can get History Channel to do a series titled The Women Who Built America. Because we did, do, and will continue to do so!

  6. Your “Words of the Iraq War” article ROCKED!!

  7. Jeff Guild

    I had to Google it too. So that you won’t have to…”TESOL” is short for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages.

  8. Alec Bass

    I recently re-read Frank Herbert’s Dune, which I first read in the ’70s in high school. The novel employs a specialized vocabulary that combines words from the author’s imagination and ones from Arabic. In the >>GULP<< 30 years since I first read the novel, some of the words have become familiar English words, including "Jihad."

  9. I love your blog, cant wait for more to come!

  10. Dylan

    Watched your video on irregardless. I find your nerdy style totally attractive. just had to tell you!

  11. Ø

    Kory, you will post again some time, yes? Some of us are struggling with withdrawal.

  12. I wish the TESOL courses I took in college had been as intriguing as this article. Can’t wait to share this with my students (ELL and otherwise!)

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