Sometimes, in my capacity as Associate Editor for Merriam-Webster, I give talks on various aspects of the English language (specializing in its history and its usage). Often, these talks have very silly PowerPoint slides! Here’s a handy list of all my upcoming talks, most of which will feature silly PowerPoint slides:

March 2016

  • ACES 2015; March 30-April 2; Portland, OR
    Keynote Address
    Panel: Questions & Quibbles: Dictionary Edition
    Panel: Sexist Creeps: How to Catch and Fix Sexist Language

April 2016

  • 7-Up; April 14; Philadelphia, PA


7 responses to “Where?

  1. I already know the answer to this, but do you take requests to just sit and talk to someone over coffee? I majored in linguistics in college and you’re basically doing my dream job. 🙂 Love the blog.

  2. Aaron

    Bridget, we Stamperphiles should just pool our money to start a conference dedicated to a love of English by amateur lexicophiles. We could see the dorky PowerPoint slides AND have coffee with Kory…

  3. Kate W

    KS – you are my new intellectual icon! Never before have I been so in awe of one person’s use and knowledge of the english language – and simultaneously concerned with my own short-comings in said area. And, of course, as always – you are wicked funny!

  4. It’s a joy to read someone so literate and funny! Keep it up.

  5. Tatjana G.

    Thank you for your excellent presentation today at eLex!

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