I’m on book tour! Find out where you can see me read, hear me blab, and get your copy of Word by Word signed. (No silly slide presentations unless explicitly noted, sorry.) Check back often: new dates are being added on the regular!


COLLINGSWOOD, NJ, September 20
Collingswood Public Library
771 Haddon Ave., 7:00pm
This one goes out to all the folks who couldn’t make it to the Philly book reading back in March. Come take the PATCO out to the wrong side of the river! We have restaurants and a brewery and everything, just like Philadelphia, only with 60% less hot-trash smell.

PHILADELPHIA, PA, September 25
Temple Contemporary, Tyler School of Art
2001 N. 13th St., 6:00pm
Did you come to the Philly reading in March? You should come to this one anyway, because it won’t just be a reading from my book, but a lecture on the problems of categorization from a lexicographer’s point of view. You’ll even get a very small taste of the sort of stuff I’m researching for this new book! I will throw in a few cat slides, for further enticement. Please register so they can make sure they have enough room for y’all!





36 responses to “Where?

  1. I already know the answer to this, but do you take requests to just sit and talk to someone over coffee? I majored in linguistics in college and you’re basically doing my dream job. 🙂 Love the blog.

  2. Aaron

    Bridget, we Stamperphiles should just pool our money to start a conference dedicated to a love of English by amateur lexicophiles. We could see the dorky PowerPoint slides AND have coffee with Kory…

  3. Kate W

    KS – you are my new intellectual icon! Never before have I been so in awe of one person’s use and knowledge of the english language – and simultaneously concerned with my own short-comings in said area. And, of course, as always – you are wicked funny!

  4. It’s a joy to read someone so literate and funny! Keep it up.

  5. Tatjana G.

    Thank you for your excellent presentation today at eLex!

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    • Kory Stamper

      Not this go-round, though it’s worth noting that I’ll be doing more travel later this summer and fall! There is yet hope for Detroit.

  7. Chris

    It says here that you will be in Denver on April 29, but the Tattered Cover web site says April 28. Can you confirm which is correct?

    Also, yes, East Colfax has changed a lot . . . and yet remains so much the same.

  8. davidly

    I guess Berlin’s out of the question.

  9. Laura

    Kansas City, please!

  10. Kari

    I didn’t see Seattle on the list- typo? 🙂 You’d have a full house…

    • Kory Stamper

      You’re not the only one to say that….

      I am really, really hoping that Round Two of the book tour will be a west coast (and Texas? Y’all Texans really love this book) jaunt. Stay tuned!

  11. Ashley

    Oh my goodness! I just discovered your site recently, and I must say, you’re absolutely inspiring. I’m a linguistics major hoping to minor in publishing and my dream is to be a lexicographer as well! I never realized there were so many others who are genuinely fascinated by and love words and dictionaries! 😄 I would absolutely love for you to come to Vancouver, BC one day!

  12. Oh, yay! I finally discover an author BEFORE they hit Pittsburgh, instead of two weeks after they’ve been here!

  13. maefood.blogspot.com

    I wish you were coming to Ann Arbor! I bought the book immediately and have expressed my enjoyment here: http://maefood.blogspot.com/2017/03/wordy-wednesday-inside-dictionary.html

  14. Randy

    Kory, you’ll enjoy the newer East Colfax Tattered Cover. Bookstore-hip amid the detattering remains of that aging strip street revival. Make sure to leave time to stop in at the TwistandShout.com next door to get the full transformative jolt. I won’t be there but wish I could be.

  15. Kory, I’m disappointed that I’ll be away when you’re in Chicago! (I’ll be in Buenos Aires.) But with luck you’ll be back for #ACES2018 and I can buy you a beer then. Meanwhile, have a wonderful tour!

  16. Seems like you could squeeze Lincoln, Nebraska, in on April 27. Indigo Bridge book store or Francie & Fitch would be good bets.

  17. David C

    Clearly you are dissing us on the Left Coast. San Francisco and Los Angeles are not (necessarily) the intellectual hinterlands once rumored to be.

  18. Laurie Euler

    Is it possible to get a book signed if I can’t attend one of your events? I could pay for shipping, etc. I bought this book for my mom – a dictionary enthusiast. Obviously, she also loves this book.

    • Kory Stamper

      There is! You can call any of the independent bookstores I’ll be reading at and ask to order a signed copy. Then I’ll sign it when I get there to read.

  19. Huntsville, AL Don’t bother with ATL, BNA or BHM. HSV is the place you want to visit.

  20. Joli

    Please include Los Angeles in your west coast tour. Heard you on Fresh Air last week – made my commute home in L.A. traffic fun!

  21. Doris

    I’m still waiting for West Hartford, CT, home of Noah Webster himself.

  22. Donna Burchfield

    My husband is a fan and has written a for real long-hand letter to you.
    Is there an address where you could receive it?

  23. jinksbee

    Dallas! Dallas! Dallas! Pretty please, with banana puddin’ on top?

  24. Julie Acker

    Kory I absolutely love your book. I have, sadly, almost finished reading it; myriad times I have interrupted members of my family to read passages out loud to them. I love your erudite style and impressive command of our wonderful and interesting language. If I were younger you would have me interested in a career as a lexicographer /etymologist.

    I’ll put my vote in for a book signing in Baltimore.



  25. Jeffrey Wood

    Please come Washington D.C. Your book is great!

  26. Lee Laughlin

    GAH! I missed Boston. Can’t wait for the next round of locations. Mama needs a vacation!

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