I’m on book tour! Find out where you can see me read, hear me blab, and get your copy of Word by Word signed. (No silly slide presentations unless explicitly noted, sorry.) Check back often: new dates are being added on the regular!


ACES Conference
Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront, 3:15pm
This reading and signing will only be open to people who are attending the ACES conference, but if you are really desperate to watch me stammer about how hot it is in Florida this time of year, you can always register for one day of the conference.

NEW DATE!!!  PHILLY, March 27
The Free Library of Philadelphia
1901 Vine St., 7:30pm
Look, real talk: the Flyers are not playing, the 76ers are not playing, the Phillies’ season will not have even started, the Union are not playing, the Eagles are definitely not playing, the Philadelphia Soul are not playing–basically all that’s happening tonight is the WWE Monday Night Raw at the WFC, and my reading at the Free Library. My reading is free, and it will be funny, and you never know: maybe I’ll show up in a luchador mask.

Barnes & Noble UWS
2289 Broadway, 7:00pm.
I will do my best to dress like a witty and urbane author, but will likely look like a hayseed doof, as is my wont. Come on out anyway!

BOSTON, MA, March 29
Brookline Booksmith
279 Harvard St., Brookline, 7:00pm
GREATAH BAHST’N, kid, it’ll be wicked.


COLUMBUS, OH, April 10
Gramercy Books
2424 E Main St., Bexley, 7:00pm
I like Ohio. I spend an inordinate amount of time in Ohio for someone who doesn’t actually live in Ohio. Ask me about Ashtabula or Perrysburg! Or where to get good Mexican food in Dayton!

The White Whale Bookstore
4754 Liberty Ave., 4:00pm
This will be a conversation, not just a reading, so if yinz wanna ask questions, then you should come. It’s also early enough for you to come, get your book, and then go home to start reading it right away.

CHICAGO, April 25
The Book Table / Oak Park Public Library Veteran’s Room
834 Lake Street, Oak Park, 7:00pm
Now you can support an indie bookstore and a local library all in one go. Come out! Winter in Chicago will almost be over by that point.

IOWA CITY, April 26
Prairie Lights Bookstore
15 S. Dubuque St., 7:00pm
Iowa City is home to the Iowa Writer’s Workshop and the very first BBS I ever belonged to back in the dark ages of the Internet. I promise I will not talk about the BBS.

DENVER, April 28
Tattered Cover Book Store
2526 East Colfax Ave, 7:00pm
YOU GUYS, Tattered Cover was my hometown bookstore, so I am very excited to be reading at it. I also bet E. Colfax has changed a lot since the 1980s.


Paramount Theater
The theme for TEDxNavesink 2017 is Identity, and I have Some Thoughts To Share. A silly slide presentation may be on offer: stay tuned.



16 responses to “Where?

  1. I already know the answer to this, but do you take requests to just sit and talk to someone over coffee? I majored in linguistics in college and you’re basically doing my dream job. 🙂 Love the blog.

  2. Aaron

    Bridget, we Stamperphiles should just pool our money to start a conference dedicated to a love of English by amateur lexicophiles. We could see the dorky PowerPoint slides AND have coffee with Kory…

  3. Kate W

    KS – you are my new intellectual icon! Never before have I been so in awe of one person’s use and knowledge of the english language – and simultaneously concerned with my own short-comings in said area. And, of course, as always – you are wicked funny!

  4. It’s a joy to read someone so literate and funny! Keep it up.

  5. Tatjana G.

    Thank you for your excellent presentation today at eLex!

  6. Pingback: Book News, Kory News, And No Political News Whatsoever | harm·less drudg·ery

    • Kory Stamper

      Not this go-round, though it’s worth noting that I’ll be doing more travel later this summer and fall! There is yet hope for Detroit.

  7. Chris

    It says here that you will be in Denver on April 29, but the Tattered Cover web site says April 28. Can you confirm which is correct?

    Also, yes, East Colfax has changed a lot . . . and yet remains so much the same.

  8. davidly

    I guess Berlin’s out of the question.

  9. Laura

    Kansas City, please!

  10. Kari

    I didn’t see Seattle on the list- typo? 🙂 You’d have a full house…

    • Kory Stamper

      You’re not the only one to say that….

      I am really, really hoping that Round Two of the book tour will be a west coast (and Texas? Y’all Texans really love this book) jaunt. Stay tuned!

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